How Two Sisters and Their Father Found Peace in Home Health Care [VIDEO]

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that more than 1 in 10 seniors experience some form of abuse during their lifetime. The truth is, no matter who is caring for your aging loved ones, they can be left vulnerable to healthcare fraud, waste, abuse, and neglect. For sisters Amy Moon and Melissa Troutman, these were major concerns when their 79-year-old father, John, began to need more assistance. 

Initially, Amy and Melissa placed their father in a nursing home. Between their father pacing the floors, repeatedly asking to go home, and not being administered his medications properly, Amy and Melissa decided to make the switch to home healthcare a month later. Since then, their father has been receiving home care for nine years. 

"He is more relaxed when he is at home and in his own environment versus being in a nursing home," Amy explained.

"He has the one-on-one care with the caregiver so he knows them, they know him, and it's not a bunch of strangers coming in all the time," Melissa added.

With the help of attentive, at-home caregivers and electronic visit verification (EVV), Amy and Melissa found the peace of mind they needed to feel confident leaving their father in the care of others.

At first, Amy and Melissa's father was protected by a traditional EVV system. However, after their caregiver encountered numerous difficulties with the technology, they switched to an alternative EVV system to help monitor their father's care. "She couldn't get checked-in, there were no surveys, no task notes, nothing was being monitored," Melissa said. The new EVV system featured patient-assigned tablets and GPS which simplified the process for both the caregiver and the Managed Care Organization (MCO).

Amy and Melissa stated that receiving home healthcare service has "worked fabulous" and was "the best choice they made." Not only did Amy and Melissa find peace of mind through their healthcare services, but they also improved the longevity of their father's life.

Have you recently made the switch to home healthcare or has EVV helped you, or your loved one receive the care they need? We would love to hear from you. Share your story with us today.

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