3 Reasons Providers Are Embracing EVV Technology

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More than 44 million providers, family members, and volunteers help patients manage their health care needs at home. For some, caregiving is a career. For others, it is sacrifice made in service of a loved one. According to the National PACE Association, "6 out of 10 family caregivers work full or part-time in addition to juggling their caregiving responsibilities at home." In addition, most caregivers end up having to reduce their work hours, take a leave of absence, or quit their job to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities. 

Although our EVV system, HealthStar Visit, was originally designed for payers, it is also helpful to providers and provider agencies in the management and delivery of home care. Here are some of the reasons providers praise our unique approach to electronic visit verification (EVV).

1. It increases communication. 

Installed on a patient-assigned device, our system creates an open channel for communication between the patient and the care manager. After each appointment, HealthStar Visit transmits a customizable patient survey to the patient’s tablet. By completing the survey, the patient can provide feedback about the care they received, caregiver performance, and total patient experience. The survey results are then transmitted to the care manager for evaluation or follow-up. If needed, additional patient status alerts can be created based on survey results. Frequent and thorough communication has been broadly shown to improve patient outcomes – a goal HealthStar shares with providers. 

2. It's paperless and convenient. 

Our EVV software is web-based and requires no software installation. The system is intuitive, easy-to-use, and can be readily accessed with a standard internet connection from any caregiver agency office. The HealthStar Visit application can be installed on the patient-assigned tablet device or downloaded to the caregiver’s smartphone. The convenience of a digital platform allows caregivers to skip the paperwork and increase EVV compliance by furnishing all the tools required for use. 

3. It saves time and simplifies administrative duties.

Many of HealthStar Visit’s available reports were designed with providers in mind or at the specific request of a provider. Reports may be generated at any time, and reports needed at regular intervals may be scheduled to run automatically. Additionally, reports can be exported from the system and downloaded in Excel or CSV format, which can be easily imported into most practice management software. 

Furthermore, HealthStar Visit translates completed EVV appointments into an industry-accepted claim format and sends them directly to payers, thus providing an inherent revenue cycle management benefit to caregivers. Claims are transmitted directly to payers each night so caregiver agencies don’t have to use a clearinghouse or employ additional office resources for billing. These time-saving processes increase efficiency while maintaining a patient-centered approach.

HealthStar thanks providers for their hard work and dedication. Interested in learning more about HealthStar's EVV solutionLet's talk. We'd love to share the feedback we've received from the providers who use our system in the field. 

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